Information about BRSA Restaurant.

Kitchen Hours

Monday      4-8pm, limited menu
Tuesday      4-8pm, limited menu
Wednesday 4-8pm, limited menu
Thursday    12-3pm Lunch, 4-9 Dinner
Friday         12-3pm Lunch,  4-9pm Dinner
Saturday     7-11am Breakfast, 12-3pm Lunch,  4-9pm Dinner
Sunday       7-11am, Breakfast 12-6pm limited menu
Every Thursday – Wing Buffet 5pm-8pm

Special Events
No lunch or dinner served on days with feeds
Meat Raffles : Buffet and limited menu available
Special Event Buffets: Buffet and limited menu only

Breakfast Menu – *prices may be out of date

Light Fare Menu – *prices may be out of date

Dinner Menu – *prices may be out of date