Rifle & Pistol Range

shooting range
shooting range

Hours of Operation
Monday – Saturday: Dawn to Dusk
Sunday : 1pm-Dusk
Range Rules
1. You must be a member to use the range. NO EXCEPTIONS unless voted on by the Board of Directors and the Rifle Ranger for Special Events Only.
2. Anyone caught using the range and is not a member will be fined $300.00
3. You must have your membership card placed in the clear box located by the benches.
4. No shot guns are permitted at any time.
5. Anyone caught shooting cans and or bottles will have their membership card revoked.
6. Anyone caught shooting the range house or causing any destruction of property will be arrested and charged.
7. Range may be closed during special events that are being held in the surrounding area.
9. You must wear Eye and Ear Protection at all times
10. The B.R.S.A. is not responsible for any injuries.