Becoming A Member
New members must be sponsored by an existing member, submit yearly dues, and follow the club’s bylaws and social responsibilities. Read on for more information about the requirements to join the club.

Completing An Application
Applications are available at the social club upon request.
Please stop in and ask the bartender for a copy of our application during normal business hours.

Membership Fees
New members will be responsible for paying an initiation fee as well as yearly dues. New members joining before August 31st will need to renew their membership for the following year by paying yearly dues on or before December 31st of the same year. New members joining after Sept 1st will not owe dues until Dec 31st of the following year.
Initiation fee for a Social club member (21 and older) is $50.00
Initiation fee for a Regular club member (18 to 20 years old) is $30.00
Initiation fee for a Junior club member (12 to 17 years old) is $20.00
The initial membership fee is a one-time fee as long as your membership stays active. Members who do not pay the upcoming years dues will be required to complete the new membership process again including any applicable fees.

Membership expires on December 31st of each year. Dues for the upcoming year must be paid between October 1st and December 31st of the current membership year. There is no grace period for renewal. If membership expires, a new application and initiation fee will be required for membership. New membership applications will be assessed the initiation fees described above.

Social club members (21 years and older) dues are $50.00 per year
Regular club members (18 to 20 years old) dues are $30.00 per year
Junior club members (12 to 17 years old) dues are $20.00 per year